You can get advice at any computer store, or even online. The problem is that the advice you get is based on what they have in stock and the item with the best profit margin for them. I do not sell hardware or software, nor do I act as an agent for any company.

The newspapers are full of adverts for an enormous range of computers, software and equipment. For the average computer user many of these products are more powerful, and more importantly more expensive, than most users need. Indeed there are many programs doing the same job, that can be downloaded for free.

I have saved a number of clients hundreds of pounds by finding the right package, tailored to their needs - not to their maximum budget!   A salesman does his job by selling you something that makes maximum profit for him. With me, the more money I can save you on the purchase of equipment and software, the more likely you are to use all my services.

I can assess your requirements and point you in the right direction so that you get what you need, rather than what a company wants to sell you.

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