Domain Names

There are a whole host of Domain Name suffixes to choose from, as you can see on the right, and more are being added every year. There are some restriction on some and not on others. There are many Domain Name Hosts you can use to check if the one you want is already taken. It surprises me how many businesses do not have a Domain Name, let alone a website, when they are so cheap and easy to set up. Even if you don't want a website, having your own Domain Name also gives you your own memorable email address and mailbox.

In some cases, it might be sensible to buy all the commercial business suffixes, or at least the .com,, .org, .uk and .biz ones to stop someone possibly setting up a competing website using the same business name. Possibly even .ltd too, if relevant. You still only need one website, because you can use webdiversion to send all the other domain names to your one website.

Even if you are not in business, having a "" or ".name" address gives you a much more memorable email address than those usually offered by Internet Service Providers.

It's easy to get your own Domain Name and mailbox, and there is a whole range of Domain hosting companies to choose from. If you want help setting up your Domain, I can give it, or you can do it yourself by doing an internet search on "Domain Names".

If you are in business and others in the same business have a website and you don't, you are at a disadvantage.

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