Email is probably one of the most important parts of the internet for many people. A means to keep in touch with people and family, no matter what the distance. You can send and receive pictures so your family member in Australia can see a picture of your baby or new house within a matter of minutes, or vice versa. You can also send music, videos and files, although some servers restrict the size of these items.

Email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and the new Windows Vista mail program is not difficult to set up. But it is beyond some people. One of the traps people fall into is having all their emails going to, and remaining in, their inbox. Creating separate folders for different people or companies and creating rules to direct mail to the relevant folders is easy and makes retrieving emails so much easier.

I usually advise people to have two email addresses. One that they use for online forms and give to companies supplying you with something and requiring your email address, and one for your close friends and family. Why bother with two email addresses? Well the one that you use on online forms and give to companies will almost certainly end up in the hands of spammers. (People who want to flood you with endless offers of Viagra etc!) So use your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) email address for online forms etc. and why not buy a Domain Name for your personal address. They are incredibly cheap, you get a free mailbox and you can have a very personal, easy to remember email address exclusive for your friends and family to use.

For example, let's say your ISP is "" Invariably they insist you have a number in your email address, so you end up with ! Who is going to remember that mouthful? Only the spammers and you should set you mail box so that all mail to that address goes into one set of folders. Then you can buy the Domain Name, if your lucky, or if someone has already taken the former, and then you can have a personal email address of "" or "" . You can then set up your mail programming to put emails to this address in a different set of folders. Just remember, never, never, NEVER, NEVER, use this address on an online form or an email enquiry to a company. Let them have the ISP mouthful.

The cost of a Domain name can be less than £10 depending where you have the Domain hosted. You can set this up yourself by doing a search of Domain Hosts, or I can do it for you.

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