Problem Solving

If you have a computer you can guarantee one thing - it will go wrong. It might be something you've done, it might be a software conflict or corruption, it might be a hardware failure. Installing new software or hardware can be completely straightforward or a nightmare that goes from bad to worse. Most computer and software manufacturers have support lines for their products, but frequently you can spend hours trying to get through, and then find the support contact - who knows very little about the problem and is just following computerised screen prompts - gets rather snotty when you or your computer fails to respond in the way his computer says it should.

If I can help you solve the problem or identify an irreparable cause - like software incompatibility - then I charge £25/hour, with a minimum charge of 1 hour. If I fix it in 10 minutes, I am quite happy to spend the other 50 minutes helping you with some other unrelated matter. I am usually very flexible of how long that hour actually is! If I can't fix the problem or identify an irreparable cause, you pay nothing. That's right, nothing.

I do not sell or act as an agent, for any hardware or software supplier, so you can be sure I will not try and sell you something you don't need to fix a problem.

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