Learning how to use a computer is child's play. Unfortunately we are not all children when we decide to become computer literate! For those starting to use a computer in our more mature years, the task can appear quite daunting. There are books and various courses we could use, but for some people, a one to one - or one to small group of friends - is what is required. This is where I can help. Being self taught, I understand that more mature students need teaching without too much jargon, and concentration needed on activities the client wants to use on a computer.

It is surprising how many people get into a mess storing their work on their computer. Having a well structured filing system is essential in terms of being able to recover and work on projects you have started - be they documents, pictures, sound or databases. Many people waste time looking for files they have saved in an inappropriate place, or they have to wade through hundreds of files because they haven't bothered to subdivide their folders.

Email is a great method of communicating with other people - and it's free! I am astonished how many people just receive emails into their inbox and then spend hours trying to find them. It's so much better to create folders for different correspondents and create rules to ensure emails automatically go into the relevant folders.

I can offer training on a one to one basis in your own home and give back up email support for subjects I have helped with. I have two laptop computers, so you don't even need a computer. I can even work weekends and evenings.

The important thing to remember is that I don't sell hardware or software, so my advice and help is completely impartial and based solely on my, and my clients' experiences. Also the pace of training is set by you. We can concentrate on the areas where you need the most help, an opportunity not available on courses.

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